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LGBT Affirmative Practice

In recent years, the term LGBT affirmative practice has gained more prominence. Increasingly, practitioners use the term in their marketing, and regulatory bodies have changed their ethical codes of conduct to address/redress some of the issues around this area.

Sexual orientation can be viewed as being a dimension embedded within wider social and political processes where unconscious bias can (and does) influence thoughts, feelings and behaviours within, towards and from LGBT identified people in ways that practitioners may not have previously realised.

In this workshop, we discuss terminology and clarify definitions around LGBT affirmative practice. We consider specific issues that LGBT people might bring to the therapy room, how to work effectively with them, and how your own sexual preference, experience and culture may influence your thinking and practice.

We use concepts such as of Script, Injunctions and the Parent Ego State from Transactional Analysis to explore issues and identify good and bad practice.

Participants will be equipped with a theoretical framework that will support a greater sense of confidence in working (and marketing) themselves as working as an LGBT affirmative practitioner.

Comments from previous participants:

I loved how much interaction Patrick built into the day
Patrick kept the group engaged and was careful to include all of us, all of the time