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Unconscious Bias Training

Human beings are meaning making creatures and evaluate, judge and categorise all the time. This is a survival strategy and is a positive and necessary trait.

However, research is increasingly showing that our preference for one category over another (our prejudice) is significantly more unconscious than we have previously thought, and can have harmful effects in our life and work.

Even with therapy we do not know the full impact our background, personal experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context have on our decisions and actions. To work effectively in the helping professions, it is important for us to strive to understand and to do what we can to manage our own internal prejudices.

This Workshop invites participants to explore the phenomenon known as unconscious bias: positive and negative beliefs about different categories of people that operate outside of our awareness. Through exercises and group discussion, participants will learn what unconscious bias is (and is not), why it is important, how it develops and what can be done to lessen its harmful effects.

Comments from Previous Participants:

Loved the day and learnt loads
Very well planned and prepared – good combination of theory and exercises